It Will All Be Ok, now that 2020 is over

It Will All Be Ok, now that 2020 is over

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Ceramic Mug


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Cute, pink, hilarious, and true- who doesn't need the perfect mug to start off 2021?

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    We have been challenged in the strangest of ways this year. Beyond the regular emotional, professional, romantic, and fiscal challenges that we assign ourselves daily, weekly or yearly- we have come to expect the worst on a regular basis. Our normal agenda, our normal growth trajectory, has been interrupted by not only a pandemic, but sick family members, dead bodies in freezers, UFOs, killer wasps, helicopter crashes, giant explosions, raids, riots and just about everything in between. I’m just waiting around for the zombie apocalypse to start...

    Bring a little humor into 2021 with the slogan "It will all be O.K." (Now that 2020 is over)