Why I am done feeling sorry for the 1st lady.

Remember back to 2017 when we all felt so bad for Melania that she was married to Trump, probably tied into some sort of contract circulating his election win, all of the videos that went viral where she wouldn’t hold his hand, and then we found out (of course) that he very publicly cheated on her while she was pregnant?  Poor Melania. Welp, my days of feeling sorry for Mrs. Trump are over and I’ll tell you why.

Melania Trump is the optic symbol of the female race that not only the American people, and millions of little girls, but the rest of the world look to as a resemblance of what America is, should be, and what women should represent and stand by morally.  I know that seems like a lot of pressure for one person, but Michelle Obama seemed to keep her wits about her standing for justice, representing class, fighting for people in need and helping the United States fight against obesity- all while coming across strong and still managing to pick out the white house China without missing a beat.  But I get it, not everyone can do that.  However, where I draw the line is when the person that is supposed to pull forward as a symbol of strength for the female race throws not only women, but survivors of rape and harassment under the bus for the world to see, that’s when I call bull shit.

Melania recently interviewed with ABC where she was asked “What is your take on the Me Too movement, do you support the movement? Melania said “I support the women… we need to support them.” But then she followed that by saying we also need to support the men,(men in question of harassment) and that “we need to have really hard evidence that you know if you are accused of something show the evidence… you can not just say I was sexually assaulted because sometimes the media goes too far.”

Here are the problems with this:

1.) Women in this country fought hard and long so that men can be convicted by trial without evidence because rape is the #1 unreported crime in America and a lot of women don’t report until later because it’s considered to be a type of trauma. Others simply feel socially shamed for speaking out.  Marital rape wasn’t even considered a crime until 1993!  Now that the country finally is in a state of mind where it isn’t afraid to chase (so to speak) a convicted rapist without DNA proof we have the the first lady saying that we need hard proof, and that women can’t go pointing fingers without proof. Well what if you have no proof and someone harasses you, or worse raped you? Are you supposed to stay silent? HUH Melania?

2.) Her husband has aggressively so stood by men that were accused of harassment even Brett Kavanaugh, America’s favorite loser, and he himself has been accused by over a dozen women for sexual harassment- to no one's surprise. Optically this doesn’t look good or represent the country well, not to mention it sort of diminishes all the women that have spoken out against Trump.

3.) I do not think the first lady is wrong for saying that we should support men along with women, I agree let’s support everyone! Everyone should be treated equal- kumbaya and all that.  However, I do have a problem with her pointing out that we need to support the men being accused while being asked about a movement that is working to empower women and shift the the language and expectations of our time, not just for women but for mankind.  The movement exists for a reason, because history moves forward like a memory engraved into our brains and history has shown that women for a long, long time now have not been expected to speak out, have not been listened to when they do speak out, and in many cases men in power have taken advantage of the women who work for or with them. But good job Melania trying to be equal and all that- I guess.

4.) The media? [insert dumbfounded look here] Oh Melania.

To make matters more interesting Melania felt it was important while doing a horribly poor job of conveying her husband’s feelings- I mean her feelings about sexual harassment, to also display a pith helmet on the table next to her, an accessory to what appears to be some sort of riding look a la Africa.  The problem with this is that optically to the outside world and to people living in Africa, a pith helmet represents colonialism, angst, war between race and warfare.

Seems like the Trump family continues to bring joy to Africa, as I’m sure many of you remember Melania’s stepsons Tweedle E and Tweedle Dumb Jr. killed an elephant, water buffalo and leopard on a safari 6 years prior- contributing to the world's demise of endangered species. Thanks douche bags.

Sorry- I got sidetracked for a moment back to the ugly white hat. I get it, it’s a fuc*ing hate right? Well sure, but when you are in the greatest position in the land there should be people on your staff making sure that you are making correct choices to not offend the countries that you are allied with and/or visiting.  It’s that simple really, don’t be an offensive white American, paying tribute to slavery that’s it.

In the past year the first lady has made some interesting fashion choices that again, if made by someone else would not be a big deal but because her only job is to optically represent the country from a kind and sound voice she’s not doing so great.  A few months back Melania wore a jacket that said “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO YOU” on the back of it.  It would be one thing if the first lady of the United States made claim that a jacket is a jacket and she didn’t realize that such would be taken as some sort of political message, but the guy in the white house went far enough to bring attention to it and make claim that it was a message towards the media(see below). 

There are two problems with this as an objective observer/US citizen:

1.) Freedom of the press is part of the 1st amendment and something that makes this country uniquely this country- giving us the right to display thoughts as I am this very moment.

2.) Melanie wore this jacket during the time that children were being ripped from the arms of families and placed in what resembled holding cells.  Children, which as of last week, 350(1) of them have still not been reunited with their mothers, and fathers. So her commentary of I don’t really care, again as the first lady is not fuc*ing awesome.

So Melania, I get it girl- you’re tired, rich, can’t open your eyes properly and you have to say goodnight to Trump every day, although I’m sure the two of you sleep in different beds.  But maybe take a second to look at the house you live in, the country that you serve and have a little bit more respect to all the women and little girls that are looking to you to have your own thoughts, your own strength and represent something more than just well coiffed hair.

Signing off from a candle lit living room, Oni~



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