Where do you find the time?

Well, where DO you find the time?

(insert “Okurrr” sound effect here)

I am often asked about this by my friends, people that read my blog and even strangers on Instagram: how the fuck do I find the time? To work, to have hobbies, to write a book, to post photos, to travel- whatever project I am working on in the moment, all at the same time. I’m going to walk you through some ways that I have found make it easier to better curate your life to be the life you want and not feel insane doing so.

Do you ever get home and look at the clock and you think to yourself “I barely have time to brush my teeth before I sleep”? It’s already dark outside, you haven’t eaten yet, you’re exhausted and you end up on Instagram looking at fashion accounts for an hour in bed without even realizing it- only to fall asleep later than desired, wake up at 6 and do it all over again. What in the ultimate fuck.

We as humans do too much, and we are conditioned to live that way, especially in America. Days are too short, work is too long and emails never go away. So how do you find time to breathe? To make it to yoga when you’d rather lay in bed, to spend time actually doing nothing vs. everything you don’t want to do on your day off, and stay organized within your creative endeavors or hobbies.

Here are some tips that can help you utilize your time in the best ways possible for a les a chaotic and stress-free life:

1.) Order shit: if you want to go to the grocery store/Target/bookstore/Zara all in one day go for it! But ordering things online can save you TIME. There are so many ways to take advantage of free shipping, for example if you get a Target debit card you also get free shipping & 5% off all purchases, or maybe considering getting an amazon prime account and sharing it with someone. I personally order all of my groceries and 90% of the time the delivery fee is waved, depending on what city you live in this is a huge advantage. Another time saver is having recurring deliveries of things you know you need, coffee, toilet paper, coffee- you get the idea.

2.)Have a digital calendar and only plan it one week out: I have a digital calendar for my work stuff and personal stuff, and I keep them separate for my peace of mind. However, for my personal life/projects/travel etc. I only specify one week out as to not cause myself anxiety, and to have a clear picture of what the next week of my life will look like. I put in any choirs, appointments, deliveries, personal projects, travel etc.

3.) Schedule in “chill time” as if it were an appointment: Make sure that your down time, aka watching a movie, doing (or attempting to do in my case lol) nothing, painting, taking a bubble bath, cooking for fun, whatever it may be is scheduled into your life so that you make time for it with importance.

Part B to this: Spend 2 hours min. a week doing something you love that has nothing to do with your day job. I mean, this is life right? Aren’t we supposed to enjoy it?

4.) Treat manicures, haircuts, facials, doctor appointments, massages and therapy sessions like a business meeting: You wouldn’t reschedule a business meeting would you? If your job depended on it, you keep that 12 o’clock appointment and you kill it! Same goes with your personal care, you need these things to balance your life! So if you make a 6pm massage appointment every 2 weeks make sure to leave work on time that day and go to your damn massage!

5.) I personally hate this one but it works > Wake up earlier: Waking up even 30 mins. Earlier than you do now will make you a calmer human because you won’t be rushing into your day, it will give you a clear picture to your day before it starts and you will even have time to stop for coffee or get gas.

6.) Write it down: something about hand writing things is very palpable, and being able to cross things off helps me organize as well. I’ve read that this is a trait within female brains that causes endorphins and helps keep us organized, however I think writing lists in general by order of importance can help you feel structured and know that everything in your brain is down on paper and won’t be forgotten.

7.) Have your cheat day be your busiest day, not the weekend: We all have those days where we eat like shit or we live off of frozen Amy’s, or maybe we decide we want cheese and wine for dinner. (I think I’m speaking about myself with that last one) instead of having your cheat day on the weekend when you have the time to cook, or watch what you are putting into your body wait for the 12 hour work day when you need the mental cool down to pop the organic frozen meal into the microwave, and drink 3 lattes- this way the convenience factor of unhealthy eating is at least helping your mental stability lol.

8.) Treat goals as things you love(they should be): If you have a goal, writing a book for example, treat this as you would going on a date, seeing your best girlfriends, watching a movie and plan it on a Friday night. I’m not saying stay in every Friday night, I’m just saying utilize your fun time, order some delicious Thai(or whatever works for you) and work towards doing some of the things you didn’t think you had time for.

9.) Take advantage of your travel time:

If you do travel a lot take advantage of the time you have on trains, buses and/or planes to do things while you’re essentially unplugged to the outside world. This is a time that I get a lot of reading, writing and list making done.

Try these 9 small habits(even 1 will help) if you’re not already- they are truly life changing. Make space for yourself amongst the insanity that is work, humans, and well… life.

x Oni~

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