Welcome to your life, ya dummy. Oni is on it, issue 2!

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

It’s 2020 ya’ll!  I’m sure you already knew this based on the enormous amount of articles you’ve read, memes you’ve seen on Instagram and drunk post NYE photos that have been sent to you, but it is indeed the beginning of a new decade.  And if you’re sick of reading things about the start of a new decade that’s understandable because it’s the 6th (lol).  Sorry readers, I prioritized my own self love, organization and work out routine over this post.

In issue 2 of Oni is ON IT [insert pow emoji here], I honed in on questions that focused on evolving into a better version of yourself in dedication to the new year. 

(All names have been changed)

Olivia from Instagram wrote:

“Hi Oni, 

I’m always reading your motivational posts, and I was wondering what your thoughts were around organization, specifically on how to organize your life.” 

I asked her to clarify within context and she specified:

“I’m having a hard time finishing any of the tasks on my to due list, I feel like there are so many things I need to do from grocery shopping and reorganizing my closet, to updating my resume and looking for a new job. My to do list gets longer and longer and the more I try to organize it the more overwhelmed I get with the feeling that I will never be able to tackle these things or move forward.  It’s starting to drown me.  Now that a new year is beginning I have all of these goals, personally and professional that I want to achieve with a fresh start, but I don’t know how to do that until I finish my initial list.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks, Olivia.

Hey Olivia, thanks for the information!  Alright let’s tackle this step by step.  Even just reading this gives me a low level of anxiety so I can only imagine how you much feel internally, and I’m sorry you feel so overwhelmed.  Sometimes when you have a lot of things that you want to accomplish attempting to tackle even the smallest task can seem  daunting and stressful. 

This is what I suggest: 

1.) Separate your giant list into 3 lists (don’t freak out just yet it gets better)

List A: Things that need to get done within the week: groceries, dry cleaning, haircut etc.

  • Write this list in order of importance and cross off as you go.

  • If you can’t get everything done within a week don’t freak out, just move it to the next week.

List B: This is your actual grocery list, or "to buy" list in order of necessity.

List C: This is your long term goal list

  • Give yourself target deadlines AKA when do I need to finish this by or I will be pissed at myself?

  • Try not to write a million things on this list, keep it small 2-6 things that are important to you.

  • Tackle one thing at a time to finish in completion before moving on to the next task unless there are goals that work in coordination with one another. In that case, add these coordinating goals to your calendar and carve out 1 specific day that you work towards these things.

  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, while you want to take your goals, and yourself seriously you should enjoy becoming closer to achieving your goals. Give yourself an hour, 2 hours to carve out and dedicate weekly towards these things. (Unless you’re or become a psycho like me and dedicate an hour a day)

I like to put my lists on my phone and utilize the little dot feature so I can check things off as I go.  Remember you are doing these things for yourself!  No one is putting pressure on you but yourself.  You will feel so much lighter once you start chipping away at the clutter and confusion that is your current organizational status. Then guess what Olivia, you can take your free time after your goals are completed and go get a goddamn cocktail. Won’t that feel amazing. You’re welcome.

My last tip is this, if you have goals on your list that are financial and you feel that you can not tackle those alone, hire a financial planner. (if you feel you can afford one) This is one less stress point in your life that you will feel bogged down with, and it will leave time for you to put towards other things.

Good luck in 2020!

It will all be OK, Oni~

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