The unknown.

Remember Casper the friendly ghost?  Everyone was terrified of him before finding out that he was really just a sweet little guy minding his own business, just ghosting around.  Why do you think that was? Maybe word on the street was that Casper was scary AF? Nah. It was the unknown.

Usually the fear of something, or the perception of something is greater than the thing itself.  Humans were perceiving something dark and scary out of Casper before even experiencing it themselves, or perhaps they had experienced something similar that was horrible in the past and the perception of something similar ignited pain.  Our experiences can lead us to preconceived notions, but the problem with that is that we can set ourselves up for failure, panic… or pain.  When led towards the unknown, people have a tendency to lead with fear, fear of the unknown, assumption that something unknown is scary, hard, painful, or bad.

So where do assumptions come from?  The world is filled with assumptions nowadays because the viewpoint of the world is essentially seen through the lenses of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.   That’s how we communicate, that’s how we learn, that’s how we share our stories.  What you see is instantaneously what you get, and you believe what you see even though its not live and in front of you.  I think this has essentially created a world where we are used to believing something off of perception, we assume something is happy, sad or scary.  We all know Instagram isn’t real life, but we chose to believe what we see because it’s all we have.

I highlight and unpack that because the landscape in which we live nowadays is interesting, and it really does affect the way we deal with every day life, and the way we think.  So the next time you are faced with the unknown and you start to panic or have anxiety just take a minute to step back and look at the entire picture.  Is your life, relationship or job at stake?  Is something serious really happening to you or someone you love? Or are you fearful and anxious because you don’t know what’s going to happen?  Chances are it’s the latter, and in that case approach the situation open, and open the fact that the unknown could be something wonderful and positive.  Panicking about something when you indeed do not know the outcome is only going to cause yourself increased anxiety throughout time, your mind and body will get used to that feeling and connect that to the unknown.

Shine a positive light on the things that are coming, and if something bad or scary does indeed come your way, your overall attitude will already be a positive one, and better prepared to reflect anything negative.

With heart and hope for happy unknown outcomes~

X Oni*

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