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It’s 2019 y’all! And let’s admit it, 2018 was a bit of a shit show, no? Well 2019 is the year of the pig which is supposed to bring fortune and good luck so in honor of us all having good luck and a lot more fortune in the new year I am offering my services as a non-professional advice giver!  That’s right I have absolutely no degree to show for it, get excited!  In all seriousness what makes me qualified to give advice to anyone?  I don’t brush my hair most days, my body is basically living off of a combination of coffee and canned sparkling water and one time I lost my tooth brush for an entire day in the refrigerator.

There are things in life that each one of us finds ourselves good at, some people are really good at matching shoes to an outfit, other people can dance, some people are amazing artists naturally, and while I have some talents that yes I do have a degree and get paid for I have always found myself to be a natural born advice giver.  I talk about this is in my book that is currently in editing stage, about how I’ve been taking care of other people since I was a kid, and how I have been faced with the responsibilities of an adult since before I knew what a job was. While it would be nice to have a degree in psychology or anthropology I have learned a lot of what gives me the balls to give advice through real life experiences.

So I’ve decided to branch out from the advice I give my friends, coworkers and neighbors- even though I still have yet to brush my hair today, I look forward to giving you advice about your life, relationship, job, future and possible grooming techniques! (I’m just kidding don’t ask me about that last one)

Feel free to email me on Instagram @onikai, here on this blog, or the old fashioned way at  I look forward to answering your tantalizing questions.


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