My book is finally done!

In 2017 I had many goals, some of which moved and shifted, as life seldom gives us the heads up to the challenges that we may face.  Regardless of general busyness, work, travel and the like, I had one goal that firmly stayed intact and that was to finish my book.  Two days after Christmas I finished all 70,000 words and something that started as verbiage of experience, trial, and emotion turned into a real tangible thing.  I finished editing last week, and have passed it off to my test readers and a professional editor, I truly am writing and moving forward in this creative process somewhat blindly as this is all new to me, but I have never had more faith and joy in anything.

The stories I share were hard to tell, even the happy ones, in many ways this book has been a tool of growth and discovery beyond even my control or initial realization, but none of these stories would exist with out the people in my life that helped create them, live them and watch me go through them.  They may or may not be any more courageous, or exceptional than some people’s stories, but I feel like I could possibly help someone, even if only one person with what I have to say.

I am excited for what is next, the unknown.  Here’s to dreaming… for something more, something intangible, and always for the impossible that we like to think we can’t have.

As a teaser, here is a snap shot of the working intro to my book:

I bet you’re wondering what the hell this book is about?  Why will it all be ok and why the hell am I writing things on Post-its anyway?  Calm down, I’ll tell you… This book is the true story of a woman that has lived many lives, grew up under uncommon and challenging circumstances but managed to raise herself into a strong successful human that utilized her adversities and need for growth as tools to push her forward.  She started out like we all did, a kid. Born and raised in Baltimore, MD she fended for herself in a life of latchkey adventures, eventually being adopted at the age of 6. She ended up in California as a fashion designer working with the rich, the crazy and sometimes the famous. Continuously throughout her life she questioned why things were the way they were and allowed the struggling child that always remained part of her to learn and flourish as she moved forward in adult life, seeking answers and growth.  This book is not just for women but for people, any person that has found themselves at a crossroad, stuck in sadness, in a dip of confidence, lived through hardships, this book is for human beings. It will inspire you and make you see that regardless of your upbringing, any challenges that you may have faced, and any calamity that has followed you, you can shift the direction of your life by shifting your outlook, shifting your purpose. We are all just imperfect humans wanting to do better and feel better, and we all make mistakes along the way, but it will all be ok if we want it to be.  This is the story of how you can be the imperfect human of your choosing.

Thanks for reading, x Oni~

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