How to lead with honesty.

Being a leader (in any industry), in any sense, can be a lot of pressure, especially if you care about your employees, your team’s morale, the ethics that your company abides by, and the overall directives of team.  You want to lead with a calm focused head, motivate, teach, delegate, and allow your team the freedom to grow to the best of their ability.

In today’s society we are not really set up for transparent and honest leadership in most corporate environments.  This is why there are stories on the news every other day about corporate tyrants, sexual harassment, and cultural stigmas, because within American civilization we have been taught to sit in silence, to diminish our personal selves and not communicate honestly.  Corporate culture promotes tidiness, messaging that is “image correct”, and politically correct, versus true and transparent.  In some senses this works so we don’t spread fear within certain sensitive issues, but within the day to day you are not really promoting a healthy culture of honesty, forming real relationships, or truly understanding the motives or drive of anyone that reports to you.

Personally, I have worked for huge corporate companies before where the vocal outward messaging was very pristine and positive, but internally everything was a complete mess.  I’ve even experienced VP’s and leaders at old companies of mine having off-line conversations that did not mirror the outward messaging in the slightest, and I found that to be not only cowardly, but go against the entire point of outward positive messaging in the first place.  Let’s all work to be what we say we are.  Otherwise, what’s the point?

Why are we not allowed to speak like real human beings in a corporate environment?  Is sheltering natural human behaviors, frustrations, joy, and honest communication, equal to being a professional? I hope not.

There are many upsides in being a transparent and honest leader:

1.) Streamlining communication 2.) Building trust 3.) Cutting through the bullshit 4.) Forming lasting working relationships 5.) Easy formatting for problem solving 6.) Diminishing fake profiles and personalities just for the sake of corp. appearance 7.) Giving your team the confidence and know how to have opinions and speak up 8.) Creating Loyalty 9.) Promoting the act of being a real human being (lol) 10.) Creating and building an ethical workplace 11.) Streamlining towards honest company messaging as workplace initiatives and goals

As a leader it is important to build a healthy work environment by example, with transparency, and communicating through that transparency showing not only what type of leader you are, but what type of person you are.  Pave your own way through this culture that has over time cultivated a sounding board of silence within distress or hardship of any kind.  Being politically correct in a time where growth is transpiring through open communication doesn’t mean shit if problems aren’t being solved, team members are unhappy, and at the end of the day no one really understands what type of person they are reporting to.  I am lucky enough to have the ability to build teams that are grounded in honesty, and growth, through transparent communication.  It feels good to know that I can cut around all the bogus corporate bullshit, hopefully grounding myself, and my team’s future in genuineness.

Lead with honesty people, and most importantly, human integrity.  At the end of the day we are all just humans, doing our best.

It will all be OK, Oni~

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