How to deal with anxiety.

Let’s face it humans, life is hard.  Even when life is at its best it can be hard to not feel the pressures to always be on, to be your “best self”, to make sure you are succeeding in your relationships, your job, your home, your mind, your body and every other aspect of your life.  It’s normal for fear to sneak up on you, fear that you may forget to pick your child up on time from school, that someone will judge you for being yourself, for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, that you are not succeeding to the best of your capabilities at work, that you said the wrong thing to your boyfriend, or girlfriend or friend… that you are not doing or being your best. Yes, life is hard.

The trick to avoiding or more so diminishing your anxiety is teaching yourself to think differently, to focus on what is good within whatever situation you are in, within whatever is causing you anxiety. Generally people get anxiety from focusing on one thing so much it expands in to a web of negative spiraling thoughts that takes over your mind. Let your mind be free and calm, only think about the things in the immediate future that really need to be addressed, not the horrible thing that could possibly, but most likely will not happen a week from now.

The more you focus in on the big test that is coming tomorrow the chances of you spiraling in fear is greater.  You start imagining yourself failing your test, and then you get into a fight with your parents and then you’re are grounded for a month and then you start doing drugs and dropout of college! Just kidding, you’re fine, no drugs for you.  But, do you see my point?

Instead put that energy into studying and imagine yourself passing that test with flying fucking colors! Put forth positivity into the things that cause you fear. Ask yourself: what is good today? It may not all be easy, it may not all end up the way you want but you can walk into whatever you are faced with, with hope for a good day, minimally.

Now, let’s say you do come face to face with that mother f*cker anxiety regardless of your attempts to be a happy human, here are some tips that have helped me in the past:

-hot yoga

-meditation classes

-hot bath with soothing music

-writing your feelings down

-watching a sad movie and crying it out

-CBD oil



-all of the above

-tapping your temples gently and chanting “it will all be ok” (maybe not do this one in public bc people will think you’re insane)

-Lastly I have one trick to help you sleep that I have been using for years: Close your eyes and picture a large green field of grass surrounded by green trees. In the middle of that field is a well that drops down farther than the eye can see. As things pop into your mind, words, thoughts, fears, memories… imagine them falling into the well, never to return. The well is the lock and key to your thoughts, what goes in doesn’t come out until morning. Keep doing that until no thoughts are left and your mind is clear, lay still. Before you know it your body and soul will relax and you should be able to fall asleep.

I hope this post has given you a little insight and hope towards your path of an anxiety free life!


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