I haven’t posted for the past few weeks because I was in France; and while writing on your iphone and attempting to connect to your foreign apartments wifi is so much fun I took the time I was over there to be silent.  Literally.  Beyond posting photos on social media I didn’t talk to many people while in France because I really wanted to make an effort to speak French while I was there, so beyond a couple friends that I met up with I mostly had adventures silencieux, as they say.  I ate snails, drank Rose’ before dinner, dined alone, accepted roses from romantic strangers, attempted at my best (worst) french while continuously exploring and getting lost, or finding(myself) something beautiful.  I loved France.

Last year being on an airplane became somewhat second nature, I had every travel step down, snacks pre-packed, a personal travel blanket, I knew exactly how long it would take me to get to each major airport from where I was staying.  I traveled all around the world for work and play and it was lovely.  I needed that time to experience that and live that lifestyle, but it was almost too alluring, it was like a drug and I see how anyone could easily and continuously circle that drain in continuous adventure.  But I sought out more than that, I wanted to live on the East Coast and find new adventures in the US while traveling on a more leisurely agenda.  I vowed to myself that every trip I took overseas afterwards would be a time for me to soak in culture, self reflect, take a beat from my day to day and figure out how to move forward more refreshed and motivated.  So now that’s exactly what I do.  Every time I travel I feel like a new and better person with a fresh outlook on life.

Before I left for France a couple friends told how me how rude the French were(so they thought) and had their own personal opinions on the atmosphere and the people there. I just nodded and went on my way because I know that all cultures are different and a lot of people expect other cultures to be like ours but they just aren’t.  American’s aren’t the greatest all of the time, so we can’t expect anyone else to be either.  Honestly, I met some of the nicest and most helpful people in France, some that even went out of their way to help me park, find, do and speak.  I think the only difference is that people there speak French and they want you to as well, and well that’s fine by me.  The entire time I was there I wished I spoke French fluently lol and plan on taking French lessons soon so I can return as romantic and fancy as possible(ha). I definitely had my handful of “Oh you stupid American” moments when I couldn’t understand someone through their accent or I mistook one word for another but eh, whatcha gonna do? Can’t fight city hall.  I mean you could, but you don’t speak French so get outta there.

In a very odd way I understood why Parisians have such pride and snobbery for their city, and for the whole of France as well;(I also traveled to the south of France) Paris is not only beautiful but carries an air of history, romance and story telling around every corner.  I thought I could fall no deeper in love when I went to Santorini and then London and Tokyo fell behind as 2 of my favorite locations but Paris now holds a very special place in my heart.  Even in the seediest of neighborhoods I felt my imagination running wild, the architecture, the parks, the fashion, the art, the amazing bakeries around every corner, these sort of things just don’t exist in the U.S. the way they do in Paris.

When I first moved to NYC, nothing turned out the way that I not only expected but the way I planned.  I was told by a few people that this is the official affirming of NY as a pledging new member to the city.  It all turned out fabulously in the “end” but in the 4 months of uncertainty I felt as if I had lost my inspiration, my fire that I’ve always carried with me like an emergency flame in the cold.  Taking a beat on life the way I promised myself and walking 5-10 miles a day around Paris reignited that flame.  So, I plan on going back very soon, my apartment is waiting for me and hopefully I’ll be returning with stronger French skills, because I definitely fell in love within France.

I hope this blog post/semi journal entry inspired you to travel, or maybe go to France or at the very least eat a chocolate croissant.  I definitely suggest Paris(of course) but the south of France was amazing as well.  See you next week with a more tantalizing and epic post, x Oni~

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