Episode 3 of It Will All Be O.K.

As we leave Feb behind where we focused in on the theme of HOPE, we enter March, Women's History Month, with the intention and theme of Empowerment! Today we sit down with Kristin Love, NYC apparel design powerhouse, female advocate, and good friend of mine to discuss “Bitch or Diva? The conflicting structures of female empowerment” We dived deep on what conflicting structures mean to us, how they have hindered us as women, and as professional women how we can change these structures in our society. We also cover our pits and peaks of the week including my brand and name being in Vogue (what?!), current events, Britney Spears, and little bit of rapid fire. I’m so excited to share this topic with you guys, even in my hungover state (ha) as it's so important to the future lives and trajectory of society for women. Also, please check out our podcast now available on Spotify and Apple podcasts, subscribe and review so we can bring you more awesome episodes just like this one! Alright, lets start the episode.

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