Today is the first of January, it’s 4pm and I’m still in bed, I have 2 layers of pants on and I’m clutching warm tea like it’s my life force. Up until last night when it hit 9 degrees I was perfectly content with the colder weather, putting on a scarf before I left the house, making sure I had thick socks on. Now, it’s hard to reach beyond the exposure of my space heater, and my dog refuses to go outside for longer than it requires to pee. But none of that matters because it’s 1.1.18, a new date, a new day and the chance to resurface anew. I don’t so much believe in new year's resolutions, every year I gain 5 lbs and manage to lose it come April/May that’s just the way of life, and the way of Christmas cookies, so there’s no point in making a resolution to go to the gym. Life ebb and flows as it will, and you can only do your best. But, I do believe in recharging your soul and setting out goals for yourself.

Thank god for the calendar that symbolically recharges us, makes us think that time has magically restarted, that once the clock hits 12 we get a new chance, a fresh start, we can forget about the orange man in the oval-office being sworn in just 12 months ago. The new number that we add onto the written year every 365 days allows us to forge a new path, even if in actuality it just means that its day 366, or 11,680, or whatever. But the world seems to follow the same charge, the same flow that exists within fiscal calendars, leases, birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries of all sorts. And if I’m telling the truth I love the end of the year, I love December, winding down, being calm and reflecting on everything new I want to be, do and how I want to grow in the new year. We all need that time of reflection to truly see how we feel about the adventures that lay ahead.

None of us are perfect, no matter what the year is, but we can only hope with elated spirits that we move closer each year to becoming the perfect version of ourselves, for ourselves.

Happy 2018, Oni~

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