Meet Oni

Hey, I'm Oni! 


If you work in the fashion industry you may know me as a innovation and active wear specialist.  More specifically a founder, and a director, specializing in creating new brands from the ground up- business meets design.  Over the years I have found myself in the unique position of mentoring women, across many industries, guiding them in their careers, tackling issues of inequality, confidence, negotiating, and sometimes just a simple resume revision. 


Through this unique lense of career coach, I've had my eyes open to the fact that most of the women I was meeting with did not feel supported within their careers by other women, male colleges, or even their bosses.  They felt alone, disjointed and unsupported.  What if... What if women supported one another, and people supported the equality of women?  Not only within their careers, but general happiness, personal success, and the measure of their goals.  Imagine what equality could look like, imagine what a force women could be if given the proper encouragement, if given the community.  

How can we all be part of the bigger picture for change?​

Other Things I Write has morphed into a community with the singular purpose of bringing people together, and exploring relevant conversations about women, inspiring change.  As the community grows: podcast, blog, forums, and someday a book... I aim to work with and inspire other women (and humans) to flourish into the best version of themselves. 

Welcome to Other Things I Write!


X Oni~