Coaching & Mentoring Services

Being part of a creative industry and finding your place within your career can be challenging in so many different ways. As humans we sometimes need help navigating the best approach to our careers.  After almost 20 years in the fashion industry, Oni has dedicated part of her life to mentoring people in creative industries.  Not only are there personal & introspective factors that come into play, but your environment, previous experience and expression of leadership can also alter or internally define your confidence and the way in which you approach your career.  Depending on your needs, Oni offers 1 hour coaching sessions tailored to your career requirements, resume revamping, and intensive mentorship programs that work towards things such as negotiation tactics, resume & portfolio revitalizing, and a clear tactical plan to reach your tailored career goals.

If you have questions about coaching sessions or mentorship programs please leave a message in the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen, or email