About, Other Things I Write

Other Things I Write is a community of like-minded people, of all genders, that support one another as we tackle women's issues through the blog, podcast, and discussion forums.  We aim to start conversations that will inspire members of this new community to bring about change in the world and change within themselves.  Leading with inspiration, we want women (and all humans) to understand themselves and the circles around them better.  

A larger cause: Supporting equality, progress and ultimately- women.

Initially, Other Things I Write started as a passion project, exploring conversations about life, growth, love, and all of the emotions that tie those things together.  Things that bring commonality to all aspects of life, things that make us human.   At some point the conversation skewed, the topics of interest that needed to be tackled all felt angled towards one commonality: women.  The world was changing, and while antiquated, a lot of the struggles and issues that women faced 100 years ago are showing their faces again, just disguised in a new light.  As a woman in business (and of course life) the editor in chief began finding herself in positions of authority and mentorship, noticing that her voice, and opinion, not only mattered, but influenced and created positive change for those around her. 

Through Other Things I Write we ultimately aim to connect people and connect women.  Oni hopes that it will inspire people to fight past their adversity and fail upwards towards the person that they've always wanted to be, in all aspects. 


Cheers to all of the people who partake in the conversations, work towards change, and aim to learn, teach, and grow. 


Welcome to Other Things I Write, welcome to the community!

Female Empowerment